Which Color is Right For Me?

  • For Lines + Wrinkles - Red LED Treatment

  • For Acne + Cleansing - Blue LED Treatment

  • For Hyperpigmentation + Oily Skin - Green LED Treatment

  • Combo of Red & Blue - Purple LED Treatment

  • For Skin Balancing + Inflammation - Cyan LED Treatment

  • For Rosacea + Redness - Yellow LED Treatment

  • For Deep Skin Penetration + Cell Stimulation - White LED Treatment

How Long Should I Use It For?

  • For General Use: First, Choose a treatment for your skin. Then we recommend that you start with 15 minutes of daily use for 10 weeks. After that - feel free to increase the length of your sessions. 

Is This FDA Approved?

  • Yes our mask is FDA approved, CE Certified and contains Medical Grade LED's. 

Is The Mask Comfortable and Safe On The Eyes?

  • Yes - our mask is adjustable and light weight. It can fit on any face shape or size and is light enough to lay down and relax or use during a busy day. The mask also comes with built-in cushioned eye protection.

Is There a Warranty?
  • Every order comes with a lifetime warranty. We offer a 100% no questions asked refund should you need to make a return.