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Professional LED Light Therapy Mask 2.0 - by Luminescence™ - Luminescence Official


LED Face Mask


Doctor Approved & FDA Cleared. Proven To Heal & Repair The Skin. 7 Modes of Light Therapy For Total Facial Rejuvenation.

 100% Money Back Guarantee

Get Real Results With At Home Light Therapy

  • Wave length spectrum: 430 - 630nm

  • 270 Total - Medical Grade LED's

  • UV and EMF Free

Reverse All 

Signs of Aging

Put an End 

to Acne

Even Out 

Skin Tone

Heal Sun 

Damaged Skin

Get Real Results 

With at Home Light Therapy 

Reverse All 

Signs of Aging

Put an 

End to Acne

Even Out 

Skin Tone

Heal Sun

Damaged Skin

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Which Color is Right For Me?

For Lines - Wrinkles | Red Light

For Acne - Bacteria | Blue Light

For Hyperpigmentation - Oily Skin | Green Light

Combo of Red and Blue | Purple Light

For Skin Balancing - Inflammation | Cyan Light

For Rosacea - Redness | Yellow Light

Combo All Colors - Cell Stimulant | White Light

How Long Should I Use It For?

We recommend that you start with 15 minutes of daily use for 10 weeks. After that - feel free to increase the length of your sessions.

Is This FDA Approved?

Yes our mask is FDA approved and medical grade. To see our certifications and clinical trials - email us.

Is The Mask Comfortable and Safe 

On The Eyes?

Yes - our mask is adjustable and light weight. It can fit on any face shape or size and is light enough to lay down and relax or use during a busy day. The mask also comes with built-in cushioned eye protection.

Is There a Warranty?

Every order comes with a lifetime warranty. We offer a 100% no questions asked refund should you need to make a return.

How Does It Work?

Treat Wrinkles

Red - White - Purple LED | 400 - 630nm

Boosts Collagen Growth - Plumps the 

Skin to Reduce Signs of Aging.

Treat Acne

Blue - Purple LED | 500 - 700nm

Destroys P.acnes Bacteria - Leaves Skin 

Clean & Clear

Treat Rosacea

Yellow - Green - Cyan LED | 600 - 800nm

Boost Cellular Energy - Protects Skin 

From Inflammation and Irritants

How To Use

Say Goodbye To Wrinkles & Acne

  • Step 1: Place the Mask Over Clean and Dry Skin

  • Step 2: Press and Hold the Power Button - 2 seconds to turn on. Tap the button to cycle to your desired treatment.

  • Step 3: Relax for 15 Minutes While You Revive Your Skin 

Professional Results -

At a Fraction Of The Price

One Time Charge: